Drug Rehab | Legae La Nnete | Muldersdrift, North-West Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Drug Rehab | Legae La Nnete | Muldersdrift, North-West Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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The whole idea behind drug rehabilitation it to stop the use of drugs and to develop useful skills to lead a strong, rewarding and productive life. As a drug addict, once you realise that you need treatment, the battle is already half won.

Once the addict starts treatment, the challenge is to stay in it. The challenge therefore is to provide a place, a sanctuary for the drug addict where they actually want to stay. It is why Legae La Nnete, which means ‘a real home’ and situated in Muldersdrift is so sought after.

It opened in 2010 and those addicted to drugs love the place – it is like a true home to them – they feel wanted and cared for and they want to make an effort to get back to regular life.

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The inpatient addict appreciates the rules where they aren’t allowed to leave the facility while in rehab so as to avoid coming into contact with negative influences. They’re in the company of those going through the same thing as they are.

Lagae la Nnete is a registered public benefit organisation located on a farm in Mulderdrift, NorthWest of Johannesburg. The wonderful place helps men who have suffered a setback in life and are in despair. Fellowship, counselling, work programs and skills development offers a way forward for the men to get a fresh start in life.

Director of Legae Lae Nnete, Gordon Dewar provides hope for families that are torn apart by the unacceptable behaviour of the addict.

What’s on offer at Legae La Nnete:

  • just over 20 men are accommodated for rehabilitation purposes
  • this is a 9 hectare farm with a large house and out-house
  • the farm plays a huge role in the rehab process as the guys help with its running
  • the house as 13 rooms – two men per room

The rehabilitation process works closely with Christian values. There are dedicated counsellors and psychologists who work with the men.
The home is funded and supported by various companies with donations.

Contact Details:

Plot 219, Rietfontein
South Africa

Gordon Dewar: 082 074 5835
Tel: 082 074 5835
Fax: 086 519 2070
Email: info@legaelannete.co.za
Website: http://legaelannete.co.za

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